[NOTE: Templates & Attributes is a beta feature and only available on request. Not all pricing plans will support all features below.]

There are four major Templates in Cascade:

  • Goals
  • Tasks
  • Risks
  • Updates

Think of Templates as 'things that a user can create / edit / etc'. 

Goals are the primary template in Cascade and encompass anything that you might want to track as part of your strategy. Your strategic plan will contain a number of Goals which will be aligned to each other to form your Cascade Tree. Examples of things that would be a Goal in your system include:

  • Organizational Goals
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Initiatives
  • Projects
  • KPIs

Tasks link to Goals and allow you to break down your Goal into a series of smaller deliverables. Examples of things that you might setup as Tasks include:

  • Project Tasks
  • Milestones

Risks also link to Goals and are created as you manage Goals and identify risks or issues that you want to flag against a Goal. Things that you might setup as Risks include:

  • Strategic Risks
  • Project Risks
  • Issues
  • Incidents

Updates are things that want to record against a Goal that will form part of a report, usually in form of a progress update. Updates including things like:

  • Goal Updates
  • Project Updates
  • Board Updates

Each Template allows you to add custom fields to capture additional information - we call these Attributes. You can add the following Attributes to any of the above Templates:

  • Small text boxes
  • Large text boxes
  • Numbers
  • Drop down lists
  • Check boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Dates
  • Formulas
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