Organisational goals are the high level goals that you want your organisation to achieve – and they fit into one or more of your focus areas. Organisational goals display as bars on the strategy planner, and you will be able to add many levels of sub goals underneath each one.

When you click the ‘Add Organisational Goal’ button, you’ll be presented with Cascade’s goal designer. The goal designer is a multi-step wizard to help you create your goal.

There are 6 steps to adding your organisational goal:

Start Tab: 

An overview of what you're about to do.

Contribute Tab:

Specify which of the focus areas your organisational goal will contribute to. You can align your goal to as many focus areas as you want, but you must align to at least 1. You can learn more about the Contribute Tab here

Goal Tab: 

The details of the organisational goal such as the name, dates, and target. Learn more about the Goal Tab here

Tracking Tab:  

The tracking tab allows you to set optional Milestones to your Org Goal.

For a more detailed guide on the Tracking tab, read on here.  

Settings Tab:

Apply any Strategic Horizons, Goal Type, and Weight to the goal and define other settings such as its time allocation and visibility. Learn more here

Assign Tab:

The assign tab allows you to assign the organisational goal to yourself, or any other user in the system. 

Creating Goals
Once you've finished creating your Org Goals, you can begin creating Goals underneath these Org Goals.
The process for creating and Org Goal is exactly the same as creating a Goal, so when you've finished creating your Org Goals, you can expand the organisational goal that you want to add a goal under, and then click on the ‘Add goal’ button, and continue creating goals in the same way described above.

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