When you first click into Snapshots, you'll notice 6 different types to choose from. The option you select will guide the display and grouping of Goals in your report. 

Below is an overview of what each type of snapshot will display:

Personal - Your own Goals, or a specific Users Goals

Team - Your team's Goals grouped by User, or any other teams Goals in the organization

Strategy - All Goals in a specific plan grouped by Focus Area 

Org Units - All Goals grouped by Organizational Units

Weight - All Goals grouped by weighting 

Goal - Choose specific Goals within the Organization 

Once you've selected the Snapshot Type of your choice, you'll then be presented with your next set of options to further customize the display of your report. 

The Secondary Grouping allows you to add a grouping type within the first grouping type selected e.g selecting a specific Team will display goals by User, and then your secondary grouping may be by Focus Areas, like the image below.  

The Secondary Grouping allows you to group by:

Plan -
If you have multiple plans enabled, you can select which plan to group by

Focus Area - Groups by any of your Focus Area's.

Organization - Groups Goals by the Owner's Organizational unit. 

Status - Groups Goals by it's current completion status (On Track, Behind etc).

Start Time - Group Goals by whether it's Start Date is: Started, within a month, within 3 months, or within a year. 

End Time - Groups Goals by when they fall due. Including: past due, due today, within a month, within 3 months, or within a year.

Weight - Groups Goals by their weighting. 

Owner - Groups Goals by it's owner.

Custom fields - Group Goals by custom fields attached to your goal templates. Only Drop down, Checkbox and Radio button are supported.

Also be sure to Define Scope

The define scope options will vary depending on the Snapshot Type, and can include:

  • Show Aligned-Goals
  • Limit Goal Levels to include any number of subgoal levels
  • Remove greyed out Goals (read more here
  • Include Draft
  • Include Archived
  • Add Goals with Tasks Matching Scope

Next, you'll need to select your Snapshot filters.

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