Re-assigning a single Goal

If a Goal in Cascade needs to be reassigned to a different User, this can be accomplished by first clicking the edit icon that sits on the Goal. 

Once clicked on, the Goal designer will appear. Navigating to the Assign tab on the Goal Designer will allow you to select a new owner for the Goal. Simply select the new owner from the list or use the search box to find the User. 

The new User selected will automatically be added as a co-owner. To make this User the owner, click the 'Make Owner' button, and this will switch the previous owner to a co-owner and make the new User the owner. If you'd like the previous Owner to be taken off the Goal completely, just click on their name to un-select them.  

Re-assigning multiple Goals

If you need to re-assign multiple Goals from one User to another, instead of individually assigning the goals in the process described above, Cascade allows for a bulk transfer of Goals, to speed up the process.
The bulk transfer can be done from the Admin>Organisation>Roles page. 

From here, you'll need to search and find the User who's Goals you'd like to transfer. Once you've found their name in the list, click on the paper plane icon to view all their Goals.

Once in the Goal re-assignment page, you can individually select the Goals you'd like to reassign, or 'select all' and transfer all Goals owned by this User. 

Next, simply search for the User you'd like to re-assign the Goals to and select.
Clicking the Next button will take you to the following tab to review the Goals being transferred, and then Save to set these changes in place. 

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