Before you can delete a user, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Consider simply disabling them instead. If you think you might need the user record in the future, you may want to disable them by un-checking the 'Enabled' checkbox on the Admin - Users page. Disabled users cannot log in to Cascade and are not billable. Even if you want to fully delete the user, you will still need to disable them first.
  2. Once the user is disabled, you will be able to Archive that user. Archiving a user removes them from the User list,  but still allows you to recover the user, including any associated Performance Management data in the future. To archive a user, click the folder icon on the right-hand side of the user list. Once you archive a user, they will be automatically unappointed from their current role. That means that you can appoint a different user to that role, if someone is taking it over.
  3. Note that is not currently possible to remove archived users from the system. This is to prevent accidental deletion of important user data. Note however that archived users will not show up anywhere in the system other than when you click the Archived Users button on the Admin - Users page. If you absolutely need to have a user record fully deleted from the system, please contact our support team via live chat.
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