Tolerance is a set value that allows a user a certain amount of leeway on the calculation on goal status’ in your organisation. Goal status is determined by how much progress has been made in the goal period, versus how much progress should have been made according to the tracking curve. A goals tracking curve is linear by default however, the curve can be altered by the milestones you set.
You will always see how much your goal is ahead or behind in the goal hub. If a tolerance has been set,  goals are allowed to be a certain percentage off before they are marked as ‘Behind’.

For example, your goal is to achieve revenue of $1 million by 31/12/2017, and your goal began on the 01/01/2017, you’d need to earn roughly $274 a day to be considered ‘On Track’ (presuming no milestones have been set). Although, in reality, revenue isn’t earned in an even, consistent amount, daily. That is why Cascade allows the strategy privilege users to set a global tolerance value for their organisation. This way, if the tolerance for the organisation has been set at 10%, any user who’s goal completion is within a range of 10% of the progress required to stay ‘On Track’, the goal will still display as ‘On Track’.

You can set your Instances Universal Goal Tolerance value from Admin>System>Settings. 

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