Settings Tab

The settings tab on the Goal Designer allows you to categorise and classify your goal, allocate a budget and restrict visibility if necessary. You have the option of three goal types :

  • Scorecard
  • Strategic Horizon
  • Business Line

NOTE- these goal types may appear different if the terminology in your framework has been altered.

You'll be given the option to allocate a weighting to your goal. This will range from 'Not Weighted' to "Top Priority'.

'Time Allocated' will allow you to determine how much time per week you should spend on the goal. The text box displaying ' 0 / 7 days per week' will display a cumulative amount of the time allocated to each goal, so you are able to easily identify how much time you've already allocated to other goals.

The final tab of the Goal Designer allows you to assign your Goal to Users. Read on here to find out more about the Assign Tab. 

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