Tracking Tab

The Tracking tab is where you'll be able to set Milestones for your Goal. 

Milestones allow you to divide your metric into smaller parts and set deadlines for each part. Milestones are very useful for breaking your target into smaller pieces.

If you choose to add Milestones, by default, Cascade will break your target up quarterly or monthly based on how long your time period is. This is just a default which can be edited to suit your particular goal. You have the option to add as many milestones as you wish, by selecting how many more Milestones you’d like to add and clicking the ‘add’ button.

You can change the time frame and the target of your milestones on the left hand side, or alternatively, you can drag the points on the graph.

Cascade gives users the option to change the label ‘Milestone’ to another term you may wish to use, e.g. Quarters or Months. You can also edit the semantics of the milestone numbering. For example, if you wish to create milestones to track each quarter of your financial year, you can create 4 milestones and name them ‘quarter’. The first milestone would be Q3 (as it is the first quarter of the financial year) so you are starting from 1 and the resets at value will be 4 (as there are only 4 quarters in a year). The system will then automatically create Q3, Q4, Q1, Q2 as your milestones.

Whilst setting up your milestones, you may want to start from scratch, especially when you are first starting out. If you wish to do this, you can reset your milestones by pressing the ‘reset’ button. This will reset your milestones  to the same number of milestones each with an even time frame and target value.

The next tab is the Settings Tab .

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