When you create a goal in Cascade, you will be asked how that goal 'contributes' to other things that are happening in the Organization. The Contribute tab in the Goal Designer will present you with a list of suggested Goals to which this one could align and contribute to. It's recommended to always align your goal to another, as each goal should ideally contribute to a larger piece of work. The list will depend on who you are, where in the system you are, and what type of Goal it is.

For example, if you create an Organizational goal, the Contribute tab will display Focus Areas for you to align to.

If you're adding a goal from the Planner, you will see the Organizational Goals and your direct Manager's Goals.

If you're adding a goal from the My Goals, Goal Hub or anywhere else, if you:

  • Have a Role in the top 2 levels of the org chart, you will see the Organisational Goals and your direct Manager's Goals.
  • Have a Role outside the top 2 org chart levels, you'll just see your direct Manager's Goals.

You managers goals will include all goals they own or co-own.  NOTE- if you're at the top of the org chart, and have no manager, you'll see nothing for your managers goals.

If you can't find the goal that you want to contribute to, you can use the search engine to find that goal. You can contribute to as many goals as you like - just keep clicking on the goals you want to contribute to.

It's important to try to contribute to at least one other goal when you create your goal. Otherwise, your new goal will be viewed as being 'unaligned' with the Organization's strategy.

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