To set up your Organizational Units, go to Admin > Organization then click on the Org Units tab. Your first Organizational Unit will most likely be at the 'top' of your organization – this will come predefined as the organization name you enter when you begin your trial with Cascade. You can edit this name using the edit icon on the the right-hand side. Each new Organizational Unit can be added using the “Add Organization Unit” button – you will need to select a parent unit for your new unit, but you can continue creating as many units as you need in a multi-level hierarchy (to see this hierarchy, simply click the org tree icon highlighted in orange below).

Organizational Units are not compulsory and may not be applicable for many smaller organizations, however they can be very powerful when analyzing your data across the different sections of your organization. They can also be used to create multiple plans in your instance.

You can edit an Org Unit's name and position in the organization hierarchy by clicking on the edit icon. Your Top Org unit cannot be moved downwards, however you can move any Org Unit to be at the top of your organization (as long as it has an enabled plan).

To delete an Org Unit, click on the 'x' icon. Note: an Org Unit cannot be deleted if it has an enabled strategic plan associated with it.

This image highlights: how to add a new Org Unit, where to enable/disable Org Unit plans, how to view your organization's hierarchy and how to edit/delete your Units.

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