Balanced Scorecard

Many organisations already utilise a balanced scorecard approach for grouping their activities, initiatives, and objectives. Balanced scorecards are well suited to larger organisations who wish to ensure a balance between key Focus Areas.

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The Goal Types could be configured as below (the default), but you can construct your own scorecard to meet your business needs:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Process
  • Learning & Development

McKinsey’s Strategic Horizons

Strategic Horizons provide a high level categorization of goals against short, medium, and long term outlooks, incorporating the concept of whether something is part of your current core business, an emerging opportunity, or is still in the exploratory stage for the future.

This framework is well suited to product and service organizations, and those for whom innovation and medium/long term growth are key focus areas. Note that Cascade already has functionality to map Goals against time, providing some insight similar to the Horizons framework. However by using this as a Goal Type, it will place a strong emphasis on the need for balanced horizons, and provide the ability to view and report specifically on them.

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Goal types would be configured as:

  • Horizon 1 - Short
  • Horizon 2 - Medium
  • Horizon 3 - Long
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