Goals are the most important part of Cascade - they represent 'things you want to achieve' and are the main components of any strategic plan.

In Cascade, the term 'Goal' refers to anything which sits inside your Focus Areas. It is a collective noun - which means that you can have a variety of different 'flavors' of Goals, such as:

  • Objectives
  • Projects
  • KPIs
  • + anything else that represents 'something you want to achieve'!

All of the above are 'flavors' of goals.

Helping you to write great Goals

Adding Goals into the system is easy - but actually writing well structured Goals is a little harder. Here are a few resources to help out:

We'll continue to add articles to the list above, so be sure to check back regularly.

Adding Goals to your strategic plan

Adding Goals to your strategic plan is relatively easy. Simply navigate to the plan where you want to add the Goal(s) then click the 'Add' button inside the Focus Area where you want to add Goals.

When you do this, you'll be presented with the Goal Designer. This is essentially a wizard which will guide you through the steps involved in creating your goal, starting with deciding what 'flavor' of goal you're creating.

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