Can I re-order my Focus Areas?

Focus Areas can be drag and dropped into place, so you can order them any way you choose.

Can I re-order my Organizational Goals and Goals?

You can define the order of your Goals by clicking on the 'Customize Display' button on planner – you can choose between date order, alphabetical order, etc.

How can I add my logo and branding to the strategy export?

Simply ensure that you have uploaded your logo and set your branding colors under Admin > System > Branding.

Can I use custom colors and pictures to liven up my strategic plan?

Ensure that ‘Planner Theming’ is enabled under Admin > System > Features and you can upload individual pictures and colors that appear next to your Vision, Values and Focus Areas.

Can I view my strategic plan as a Gantt chart?

Simply switch to the ‘Gantt View’ icon using the button above the Goals.

Why are parts of my plan showing in the color grey?

There are two things to check if parts of your plan are showing in grey:

1) If your plan is not yet ‘launched’ then it will be grey – however as soon as you click the “Launch and communicate” button on the right hand side of the strategy planner, it will adopt the colors you have specified under Admin > System > Branding.

2) If, even after launching, you find it is still grey (usually this is the case if your org unit colors happen to be grey) – then you can enable ‘Planner Theming‘ from Admin > System > Features (the switch at the bottom of this page). Once you have done this, click on any component of the strategic plan, then click the ‘Bring it to Life’ tab and customize colors from there.

Can I see a live demo of Cascade?

To see a live demo of Cascade, fully populated with dummy data, just click the ‘Switch to Demo’ button in the top right of the screen:

Alternatively if you’d rather have one of our team walk you through the platform and answer any questions, you can book a product demo here.

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