Once you’ve created your goals, you’ll notice they appear in grey. This is because when your goals are initially created they are put in a draft format until you are ready to communicate and launch your strategy.

When your plan is in draft format you won’t be able to view any of the goals you’ve created on Reports if you do not specify the scope, Explore & Track pages, or in the Goal Hub of goals that the draft goals are aligned to. Only once launched will the goals appear in these areas. To activate your goals, and take them out of draft format, you’ll need to launch your goals from Actions button > Launch & Communicate. 

Goals created through the Strategy > Planner will automatically be created in draft format, and will always need to be ‘launched’, for the rest of the organisation to view them. Not all goals, however, will automatically be created in draft format. Goals created through the My goals page won’t need to be launched, as they become ‘live’ straight away.

When a user needs to delete a goal, they will have to first archive the goal, and then they’ll be able to delete it. Draft goals on the other hand, are able to be deleted instantly. You’ll need to select the three dots on your Goal, and then click ‘delete’, this will allow you to immediately delete the goal.

NOTE - if a draft goal has sub-goals attached to it, you will not be able to delete it. You’ll need to either, delete the sub-goals first, re-assign the sub-goals or launch the draft goal, and then go through the archive process.

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