Firstly, it is important to note that within Cascade we refer to anything you are tracking on your plan as a Goal. This can include KPIs, Projects, Objectives - basically anything that you can and want to create as a Goal Template to structure your Strategy Model. You can learn more about creating your unique flavors of Goals here

Organizational Goals

Organizational Goals are the high level Goals that you want your organization to achieve – and they fit into one or more of your Focus Areas. Organizational Goals display as bars on the Strategy Planner, and you will be able to add many levels of Goals underneath each one.

Click the ‘Add’ button within the Focus Area you wish to add the Org Goal to, or use the 'Add'>'Organizational Goal' button in the top-right corner as highlighted below:

You’ll then be presented with Cascade’s Goal Designer. The Goal Designer is a multi-step wizard to help you create your Goal.

There are 6 steps to adding your Organizational Goal:

1. Start Tab: 

This is where you choose the Goal Template you want to use. The system will suggest this to you based on the structure of your Strategy Model and the Templates you may have previously created. You will start with Cascade's default Templates (KPIs, Objectives and Projects.) If your desired Goal Template is not suggested, click "Other Suggestions" to reveal all your Templates. 

To learn more about Templates click here.

2. Contribute Tab:

Specify which of the Focus Areas your Organizational Goal will contribute to. You can align your Org Goal to as many Focus Areas as you want, but you must align to at least 1. You can learn more about the Contribute Tab here

3. Goal Tab: 

The details of the Organizational Goal such as the name, dates, and target. Learn more about the Goal Tab here

4. Tracking Tab:  

The tracking tab allows you to set optional Milestones to your Org Goal.

For a more detailed guide on the Tracking tab, read on here.  

5. Settings Tab:

Fill out any related or required fields based on the Goal Template you are using. For example, apply the relevant Strategic Horizons, Goal Type, Weight or other settings you configured when creating Goal Templates within your Strategy Model. Learn more here

6. Assign Tab:

The assign tab allows you to assign the Organizational Goal to yourself, or any other user in the system. Note: Org Goals can be unassigned, but nested Goals must have an owner. 

Creating Goals 

Once you've finished creating your Organizational Goals, you can expand the Org Goal that you want to add a Goal beneath, and then click on the ‘Add’ button, and continue creating goals in the same way described above. The only difference is that these sub-Goals will contribute to the Org Goal/s you align it with, rather than Focus Areas.

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