One of the cool features about Cascade’s dashboards, is that you can embed them outside Cascade. Embedded dashboard is included in our Enterprise package.

With embedded dashboard, you could choose to embed a dashboard on your  intranet or a plasma screen. We’ll give you a snippet of javascript code to copy and paste in the place that you want to display the dashboard. Here are a few examples of how our awesome clients are using embedded dashboards:

  • Displaying ‘Community’ goals on their intranet
  • Displaying key strategy metrics on the staff intranet
  • Displaying the strategic plan on a board member portal
  • Displaying metrics for a particular department (e.g. The Customer Service team) on a plasma screen inside that department.

Limitation: Embedded dashboard will not be able to retain any user-sensitive data for example My Goals, My Tasks, My Team's Assessments etc.

Note that we do not suggest hosting your Cascade embedded dashboard on external websites as there is a significantly higher risk of someone getting read-only access to your non-private plan data.

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