The Multi-Goal Widget allows you to view the completion of multiple goals, and customise the display, so you can see the details that matter. You’re given the option to display

  • Your own Goals,
  • Your teams Goals,
  • Goals you are watching, or,
  • Specific Goals.

The display options allow you to choose whether you’d like your goals to be shown in a Table, or Gantt chart. Both the table and Gantt chart allow you to display, a header, average completion, and the sub-goals. If the table is selected, extra options will appear for you to customise the details of what exactly is displayed, such as,

  • The Goals owner,
  • Weighting,
  • Scorecard type,
  • Strategic horizon, and,
  • The type of Goal.

If the Gantt chart is selected, you’ll also have the option to show the Goals progress. There are also various sorting, grouping, and ordering options for how you’d like the goals to appear.

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