Goals Widget

This widget allows you to grab any goal from throughout the entire organisation and drop it onto your dashboard. That means you can build a dashboard for all the key marketing goals, a particular project, or your main sales metrics. It’s is a great tool for tracking and viewing the progress of a goal. The widget allows you to view a single goal in a range of ways depending on what you’d like to see. You first need to select the goal you’d like to track; you are then given options to display either,

  • Sub-Goal Properties in a table,
  • Sub-Goal Progress in a bar chart,
  • Sub-Goal Time in a Gantt chart, or,
  • Goal Progress in a multi chart.

If you select the Sub-Goal Properties options, you are also able to customise the final look by displaying a,

  • Heading,
  • The Goal owner’s name,
  • Weights,
  • Strategic Horizon, or,
  • Type of Goal.

The Sub-Goal Progress option allows you to display a heading and the percentage of the sub goal progress.

Sub-Goal Time allows you to display a heading and the goal progress.

The Goal progress chart gives you a ‘Show Header’ option. Although, if the Goal selected has Milestones, display options will automatically appear in the ‘Goal Progress’ option. You’ll have the choice to display a cumulative or non-cumulative chart, and whether you’d like to display a ‘Header’, ‘Data Points’, or, ‘Milestones Periods’.

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