Updating Completion

Updating your Goal completion and tracking progress is the single most important thing you can do inside the Goal Hub. To update the completion of your Goal simply click the green update completion on the left hand side on the page. Your Goal can be tracked both by your selected metric and by a percentage.

Updating the progress of a goal with milestones functions the exact same way as goals without milestones. Simply use the slider when in the goal hub to update the goal. The progress you add will be allotted to whichever milestone time frame you are in when the goal is updated.
If you decide you would like the system to automatically track the completion of your Goal you will not see this button.

Goal Completion Status

Goals in Cascade will appear with one of the five following status’s attached to it. Depending on their current completion progress they will display as either-

  • On Track- At your current amount of completion, your goal is on track to be complete by the deadline.
  • Behind- At your current amount of completion, your goal has not enough work achieved to be complete (if continued at the same rate) by the deadline.
  • Overdue- The deadline of your goal has passed and the work is not complete.
  • Not Started- The goal’s start date has not yet passed, even if their is progress on the completion, the goal will still display as not started.
  • Complete- The goal has been completed.

 Note- how each status is calculated will vary depending on the tracking type selected for each goal.

Updating historic progress

Sometimes you won’t be able to log into cascade and update a goal the exact day that the progress was achieved – when progress is added after it is achieved, it can skew which milestone the progress should truly belong to. That’s why Cascade has the ability to update historical progress. Historical progress can be found by simply the clicking the graph icon.

To add historic progress, simply select a date and add a progress value and save. This will add that value to your goal as if it was added on that date. You’ll be able to see all your data points on the progress graph, and you can also change any historical values by dragging the points up and down.

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