Updates allow you to give a written comment on the progression of your Goal or communicate any other relevant information. Updates in Cascade have a range of functionality which we will discuss below.

When creating an update, Cascade gives you the ability to mention other Users in your updates using our @mention function. Simply type the '@' symbol and the type in the users name who you wish to mention. Once a user has been tagged, they will receive a notification in their Cascade account with a link that will take them directly to the mention. They'll also receive an email notifying them of the mention, with the same link to the mention. 

Attaching Files
When creating an update, Cascade allows you to upload and attach a file. Simply select the 'click to add file' button, and then browse your computer for your file. 

Once the file is attached and the update has been submitted, you'll be able to view your file in the files tab. 

Editing & Deleting Updates
Cascade allows you to edit or delete any manually added update made. Note- you will not be able to delete updates automatically created by the system, such as goal progress updates. To do so, simply hover your mouse to the right hand side of the update 

A grey edit button should then appear- when you click on this, you'll be given the option to edit the update and save. or delete the update. 

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