Risks & Issues allow you to flag problems, issues, risks etc. against a particular Goal. Cascade uses the following definition of Risks & Issues:

Risks are things which you are worried could happen with regard to your Goal, but have not necessarily happened yet.

Issues are Risks which have materialized and are therefore problems that need to be solved right away.

An Issue is therefore more severe than a Risk. Note that this default configuration can be changed by your Cascade administrator, so you might see a slightly different configuration in your own instance.

Risks & Issues must be attached to a Goal or a Sub-Goal. Simply select the Goal or Sub-Goal with which you wish to raise the Risk Issue, and click the ‘Raise Risk’ button. You can split your Risk between a title and (optionally) more details. You can also upload a file which will be stored alongside your Risk.

If you want to escalate your Risk to an Issue is tick the ‘Issue’ checkbox.

Risk & Issue notifications will be sent to co-owners of the Goal, and also appear on their dashboards when they first login to the system.

Once a Risk or Issue has been raised it will sit under the Risks tab denoted by the “!” icon. Here you will also be able to resolve a Risk / Issue or change its status from one to the other.

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