Goals in Cascade must be archived before they are deleted – you are able to archive a Goal in two different ways. When in the My Goals page, you can use the folder icon which sits on the goal. Clicking this will archive the goal. 

You're also able to archive a goal by clicking on the edit icon and then selecting the Archive button.

Note: Draft goals will not need to be archived prior to deleting, they are able to be deleted straight away using the edit icon, and then selecting ‘Delete’ button. However, if the draft goal has sub goals attached to it, you won’t be able to delete it. The 'Delete' button will remain greyed out until all its sub goals are either archived, deleted or re-alligned to another parent goal.

Once you have archived a Goal it will move to the archive tab inside your My Goals page (if it’s a goal you own), and you will still be able to click inside it and view all the connected information, but you cannot make any changes. 

If you archive an organisational goal, it will move to the archive tab located in Strategy>Plan>Archive. Once you navigate to the goals correct archive, you’ll be able to delete the goal by clicking the ‘x’ icon. This will permanently remove the goal from the system.

User’s with Strategy Privilege have the ability to archive their own goals, as well as any other goal in the organisation. However, once archived, they only have the ability to delete goals they own, and organisational goals. They will not be able to delete goals that belong to other users.

If a goal has been archived by mistake, or you later decide you’d like to unarchive it, this can be accomplished by navigating to the correct archive (depending on whether it is an organisational goal or one of your own), and selecting the folder icon. This will move the goal back to the My Goals page, or the Planner, depending on where it came from.

This short view walks through the process of archiving and deleting Goals: 

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