At this point, we’re going to assume that you have your actual strategy ready to go and so this article will be the beginning of a set of articles focused on the technical side of setting it up in Cascade.

The Strategy Planner is located under the Strategy menu:

To create your Strategic Plan, just follow the wizard steps on the right hand side of the screen (if you are in trial mode).

You can add Values, Focus Areas, Organizational Goals and Goals by clicking Add in the top right corner of your planner page at anytime.

You should start by creating your Vision Statement, Values and Focus Areas. You can also add colors, videos and pictures to your plan to help bring it to life with your personal Branding

Next, define how you want to structure your Plan using the Strategy Model, which allows you to Add Goal Templates and define their relationships with each other (where they sit in the plan's hierarchy). You can also add Units within this window for the things your Goals will be measuring.

Note: You can fully customize each Goal Template in Admin>Templates. Learn more about our concept of Templates here, or how to create your customized Goal Templates here.  

Lastly, create some Organizational Goals and Goals in your instance using the various Goal Templates you have created for your Strategy Model. You can add as many Goals, in as many number of layers you wish by clicking any of the highlighted buttons shown below:

If you add something beneath another Goal, it will behave as a Sub-Goal of whatever lies above it. This will inform how you can track the progress of your Goals.

So far, your Strategic Plan is still in draft mode. When you are ready, Launch and communicate your strategy to activate your plan. When it is activated, your plan will change from grey to your chosen color scheme.

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