When you add a User with a Role in Cascade, they will automatically become enabled in the system. Any enabled User in Cascade will also incur a charge.
There are three ways to add Users and Roles in Cascade:

  1. Adding through the admin console (Admin > Organization)
  2. Quick add through the Goal Designer
  3. Through the bulk upload process

This short video briefly details each:

1. Adding through the admin console (Admin>Organization)

Users are made up of two components in Cascade. The user record itself, and an associated role. Both a user and role must be created for the user to be able to login. Before you can create a User, you'll need to create a Role for them. 

Creating Roles

To create a role in Cascade go to the “Roles” tab in the Admin console, and click the “Add Role” in the right hand corner.

You will need to complete three tabs to add a Role, starting with Role Details. A Role ID can consist of any string of letters and digits and must be unique in your Cascade, while the Role Title may be repeated. Your Role ID’s can be taken from a HRIS system already present in your organization, defined yourself, or you can leave this field blank and Cascade will automatically generate an ID for you.

 Once created, your role will be “unappointed” – i.e. it has no user occupying it. The Role will still exist in the hierarchy, and you will be able to create goals for this Role, but no-one will be able to login to that Role until a User is appointed to it.

Creating Users

To create a user in Cascade go the “User” tab in the Admin console. Click the “Add User” button in the right-hand corner – again, you will need to create a unique ID for this user. In the Appointment tab you will see a drop down menu where you will see all the unappointed roles in the system. For a user to be able to log into the system they must be sitting in a role and be enabled. To invite them to access the system you must notify them (described in the next section).

Notifying new users

When you create a new user (or at any time), you can notify them by email of their login details: they will receive a username and a randomly generated password for Cascade. To do this, click the “Notify” button on the Users tab. Here you will be able to select which users you wish to notify, by ensuring they sit inside the panel on the right.

Note that when you notify a user, users who have previously been notified will be marked with a “notified” label next to their name. If you do send a notification email to someone who has already been notified, their password will be reset to a randomly generated one – so be aware of this before you send notifications to users who may already be using the system.

2. Quick add through the Goal Designer

When you create a goal, on the 'Assign' tab you'll be given the option to add a new user if the user to whom you want to assign the goal does not yet exist in Cascade. Simply click the 'Add New User' button and provide the requested information. The user will be instantly added to your account.

Note: This option may not be available in all instances and requires the 'Fast Deployment' option to be turned on under Admin - System - Settings.

3. Through the bulk upload process

If you have a large number of users to add, you may want to consider doing a bulk upload. You can download the bulk upload template here, once complete please get in touch via the live chat and our team will walk you through the next steps.

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