Reminders let you schedule and send customised emails to different groups of users in your organisation. They are great for things like reminding people to update their goals, encouraging people to perform a certain action or even jogging your own memory.

Reminders sit under your name > Settings > Reminders

Setting Up Reminders

This short video will run you through the process of adding Reminders.

Choosing your Audience

There are seven different options when choosing your audience:
 1. All users
 2. Managers in the organisation
 3. A particular person’s team
 4. All users with goals
 5. A certain privilege level (multiple privileges can be selected)
 6. A particular business unit (multiple business units can be selected)
 7. Specific individuals

You will see a preview of all the people that fit into each category you select, that way you can double check that you are sending your reminder to the intended audience.

Any additional users that you add to the system that fit in the selected category, will be automatically added to the Reminder recipient list.

For example, if you have a Reminder set up for your Marketing Team’s monthly Strategy catch-up, any new users that join your marketing team will automatically begin to receive the Reminders once they are added to Cascade.

Scheduled Reminders

The default timezone will be your current timezone, however this can be changed, which can be useful when your Organisation spans across multiple locations.

Reminders can be scheduled to send out weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You also have the option to select the specific day and time the reminder will be sent out. You will see a preview of when the first reminder will be sent.

One off Reminders

One off reminders allow you to compose your message and select your audience, and send out the Reminder at any time you wish. Once your Reminder is saved you will see a “Send Now” button next your Reminder. Simply click this when you want to send your Reminder. You will see a confirmation message with the number of emails you are about to send.

Organisational Reminders

Users with Strategy Privilege will see a second set of Reminders called “Organisational Reminders”, these are Reminders that are shared by Strategy Privilege users. These are great for Reminders that need to be managed by multiple people. They function the exact same way as My Reminders , with the added ability of multiple users managing them.

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