Restricting Goal Visibility (Private Goals)

Why do we allow you to mark goals as private?

Cascade has been built with the purpose of making an organization’s strategy visible to everyone. Despite being transparent by default, at Cascade, we acknowledge that some goals may need to be private. Hence our setting of “Restrict Visibility” or “Private Goals”.

Turning it on

The function is by default switched “Off”. Should you want to empower some users to “Restrict Visibility” of their goals given their position or role within a sensitive project, you need to go into “Admin > System > Settings” and then switch the “Strategy Visibility” to “On” (see image below).

Switching it on means that users will be able to select the option to “Restrict Visibility” when creating a goal.

Making the goal “Restricted/Private”

When creating a goal, on the last page (“Settings”) you will have the option to “Restrict Visibility” by ticking the box (see below).

Who can view these goals?

The Goal is defined as “private”, but to maintain appropriate oversight and visibility, there are a few Roles and privileges that will still see the Goal (e.g. in the Strategy Plan, Report Snapshots etc.). These are:

  • Goal Owner’s Managers: The Goal Owner’s direct manager, and their direct manager, and theirs etc. on up, i.e. the whole upwards reporting line from the Goal Owner.
  • Co-owners’ Direct Manager: If the Goal has any Co-owners, their direct managers can see the Goal, but not the whole upwards reporting line from those managers.
  • Owners/Co-owners of Parent Goals: The Owner and Co-owners of any Goals to which the private Goal contributes (directly or indirectly) can see the Goal.
  • Strategy Privilege and Performance Privilege: Anyone with the Strategy and/or Performance privileges will be able to see all private goals.

The example below shows who can see a private Goal:

Scenario: I’m Florence Leclaire and I have a private Goal which has Ping Simo’s Goal as a parent. The Goal is highlighted in orange below, and can be seen by:

  1. Any user with the “Strategy” or “Performance” privilege
  2. Myself (Florence Leclaire)
  3. My Manager (although not in the picture, she can see my goal), and also her manager, if she has one.
  4. Ping Simo, because my goal is aligned to (contributes to) his Goal.
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