My Team

The My Team page allows you to manage and work with members of your team. You can perform a range of actions via the My Team page, including:

  • Viewing all team member goals
  • Navigating to other teams in the organization to view their goals
  • Initiating performance reviews and other HR features for your team members

Here’s a quick video that outlines what you can do on this page:

Viewing your team’s goals

When you land on the My Team page, you’ll see a list of any direct reports you have configured in Cascade. Under each person, you’ll see a list of the different goals that they’re working on. You can click on any of these goals to be taken directly to the Goal Hub for that goal.

One of the most useful features on the My Team page, is the ability to see the alignment of your team’s goals – both to your own goals, and to the Focus Areas of the organization. To view how one of your team member’s goals aligns, click the ‘Show alignment’ button next to the goal in question:

When you click that button, the system will highlight any alignments as follows:

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