What is Learn and Build?

Learn and Build is a self-guided, interactive planning wizard that teaches you the basics of strategic planning, helps you write your plan, and analyzes what you create. You can find Learn and Build under the Plan menu:

It includes 3 sections:

  1. Foundation - an introduction to the basics of Cascade's strategic model, and where you start to think about the timeline you want to plan for, who should be involved and why this is important to you and your team
  2. Learn & Build - a step-by-step Plan building process where you create your plan while you learn about each stage of our Strategy Model framework. This includes writing your vision, values, focus areas, objectives, projects, and KPIs alongside our guidance and helpful tips!
  3. Analysis - instant feedback on how your plan stacks up against best practice. It includes analysis for your vision, values, focus areas, templates, objectives, projects, KPIs, and distribution of goals for each teammate.

💡 Tip: Use your Planner to build out more of your plan once you have a good understanding of how to write Objectives, Projects, and KPIs!

📝 Note: Learn and Build works best when you are using our default strategy model with the below structure:

Cascade's default Strategy Model framework

This is because we encourage the structure of having top-level outcomes (Objectives) that you are trying to achieve through specific actions (Projects) and measures (KPIs).

How do I start?

Start the process by selecting: 'Plan' > 'Learn And Build' and click 'Start Planning'

Navigating between steps

You will land on the Overview page where you can see an overview of your progress, what stage of the process you are up to, and what steps you have yet to complete.

Click on the name of the section you want to start working on and use the menu on the right side to navigate back and forth between sections during the process.

Click Overview to see your overall progress at any time.

Can I leave and come back?

Yes, your progress is saved if you close out or navigate away from the page. When you come back you will land on the Overview page where you can select 'Continue Planning'. We encourage you to leave throughout the process and use your Planner to build out more of your plan once you have grown out of using the guided writing steps for Objectives, Projects and KPIs!

Find these buttons on the 'Overview' page of 'Learn And Build'

What happens when I Restart & Wipe?

If you want to completely restart the process just click 'Restart & Wipe'.

Clicking 'Restart & Wipe' on the Overview home page will revert your progress on that page back to 0% for all stages. Overview progress is different for each user depending on what stage they are up to, so doing this wipes the progress for your personal Overview page. However, Restart & Wipe permanently removes the following shared data for your whole team:

  • Aim to launch/go-live date
  • Length of planning
  • What you're excited to get help with using Cascade

Don't worry, you can easily re-select all of the above in Foundations: Planning Basics!

Restart & Wipe does not delete data that has already been transferred to your Planner, which includes the following:

  • Vision
  • Values
  • Focus Areas
  • Objectives, Projects & KPIs

Can I just analyze my plan without doing the other sections?

You sure can! From the Overview page, just click on 'Your Personalized Analysis' to walk through your results, or skip right to the 'Summary' for your analysis to check out the highlights for your plan. Skipping to your Analysis summary page is a great way to check how your plan is going as you iterate throughout your whole planning journey!

I'm stuck on a step, and it won't let me continue!

If you can't move past a step it is most likely because that step requires you to interact and input information. You can get past a step by either entering or selecting information for that step and clicking 'Save', or by selecting 'Skip'.

If that doesn't work, you can always navigate the tool using the menu on the right-hand side or by clicking the home button to see an Overview of your progress and the steps you are yet to complete.

Who should use Learn & Build?

Learn & Build has something for everyone! Planning is a dynamic process with constant ebbs and flows so there is always room for us to revisit the basics with some simple guidance and feedback!

As stated above, you can skip to the Analysis section at any time to review how your plan stacks up against best practice, and see where you can make improvements.

Completing the whole experience is worthwhile if you have limited knowledge about strategic thinking, want to brush up on what you know, or simply need to get into a strategic mindset while you are working on your plan.

NOTE: Learn and Build can be turned on/off under Admin > System > Settings, and only users with Strategy Privilege can actually use the activity.

How long does it take?

You can complete the whole journey in one go, but how long that takes depends on how long you spend on thinking about your outcomes, actions, and measures.

💭 Remember, planning is an iterative process, so it's normal if you feel like you are going back and forth a little bit as you are starting to formulate your plan. This process should also involve your whole team, so we do recommend inviting more people to the system to create a holistic plan together over a few days or weeks (this is important whether you are using Learn and Build or not!).

💡 We recommend using the Planner to add more Objectives, Projects, and KPIs while you are creating and/or working on your plan. And then revisiting the Personalized Analysis walkthrough and Analysis Summary to check in on how your plan is progressing!

Why is it only adding and analyzing things on one of my plans?

The first release of Learn and Build only analyzes your Top-Level Org Unit Plan. You can see which plan this is for you by looking at what plan is first in the list of Plans on your Planner page, or what is listed first on Admin > Organization > Org Units.

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