To create a new dashboard, you first need to navigate to Track → Dashboards. Initially, Cascade will only have a basic personal dashboard available for you. 

  1. To get started, click the dashboards drop-down menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Click "+ Add Dashboard" at the bottom of the menu.  
  3. Choose whether to create a New Dashboard or to Clone an existing one (this will copy an existing dashboard exactly).
  4. Name your Dashboard. Now you're ready to bring it to life!

Once you've created your dashboard, you will have four buttons at the top:  

  • First is the Options button. This is where you can re-name your dashboard, or download it as a PDF once you have configured it.  
  • Next is the Share button. Just like with Snapshots, use this to make the dashboard available to anyone with a Cascade subscription. To create a public live dashboard, contact your Customer Success Manager (Cascade Enterprise subscriptions only)
  • Next is the Widgets button. Just as Cascade prompts you in the middle of your dashboard, use this to get started with visualizations. There are a ton of widgets to choose from, each with their own custom settings available. If you're looking for examples of strong dashboards, use our Switch to Demo feature to quickly check some out. Just select each widget you want and then click "Add Widget."

For more information on specific widgets, use the following links: 

For a brief video summary of everything we just covered, see below:

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