To find any archived Goals all you have to do is generate a Snapshot report. Similarly to other Snapshot reports, you will need to select your Snapshot Type (Personal, Team, Strategy, etc) and any grouping if needed. Then, simply Define Scope to 'Include Archived' and select the Shortcut filter as 'Status' selecting only 'Archived' and click Apply.

For example, if you wanted to see all the Goals ever Archived you would select Strategy as the Snapshot Type and choose all the plans across your organization. Then include archived Goals, filter Status>Archived and generate.

You can use the report to open up each Archived Goal's Hub by clicking on its linked titled within the report.

We recommend saving this report as 'Archived Goals' so that you can easily access it in the future, or share it with colleagues. 

To Unarchive a Goal, click on it's link via the Snapshot Report to open it's Hub then select the edit pencil. On the bottom-left corner of the modal select 'Unarchive' and follow the prompts to confirm.

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