Cascade's API is only available on our Enterprise subscriptions. You can also connect Cascade to hundreds of other platforms using Zapier.

Create API token

A personal access token is required if you wish to use our bulk importer or build your own custom integration.
Users with System privilege can generate access tokens from Admin > System > Security. Click on the '+ Add Token' button to generate a new API token.

System admin users can issue the API token to any user in the system, they can also select the scope of the token from the scope options drop down. Each token is specific to a user and will grant access to the instance data with the permissions of the user that the token was issued to. One user can be issued multiple tokens and they can be deleted independently.

⚠️ API tokens must be stored securely and kept private. Never share your access tokens with untrusted third parties.

Token scope & Permissions

User Importer (Bulk)
Allows you to automatically sync users and roles from your HR or payroll system to Cascade using PowerShell script. Learn more.
Goal Progress & Milestones (Bulk)
Allows you to bulk upload goal historical progress or bulk creating and updating target or milestones on existing Goals.
Roles & Users
Extract or manage your users and roles data in Cascade.
Strategy Model
Extract or manage your goal units or goal weights in Cascade.
Extract or manage your goals, goal histories, milestones and focus areas information in Cascade.
Extract or manage your tasks in Cascade.
Extract or manage your issues and risks in Cascade.
Extract or manage your updates on goals in Cascade.

Please contact us via live chat or email if you have questions or need help using the API!

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