The Table Widget allows you to create highly customized lists for your Goals based on columns of data you choose to display. This is useful for organizing your Goals based on what you specifically need to see, or highlighting Goals that you want your team to keep an extra eye on! 

Setting Up your Table Widget

First, filter by your Goals, your Team's Goals, Focus Area and/or any Templates.

Refine your Widget further by filtering using the ALL or ANY conditions. ALL conditions will apply an "and" between each addition, thus will draw less Goals when more conditions are added. While the ANY condition will apply an "or" between each additional condition, thus will display more Goals with the more conditions you add. You can use one or both filtering categories to refine and perfect your Table.

You then have the option to group the data by Status, Templates, Focus Area, Plan, Weight, Organization, Owner, Tracking Type, due date, start date and data set attributes.

If needed, you can choose to include any number of subgoals associated with your filtered Goals. This means you can easily see what is contributing to their progress, or what is lagging behind!

Note: filters do not apply to subgoal levels if included.

Next, add columns to display the exact figures and information you need to see about the Goals you have gathered into your table.

Once you have set all your filters and chosen all your columns you can resize and arrange them by clicking and dragging them to your desired position. 

You can also sort the columns using the ascending and descending arrows next to each column title. If you wish to multi-level sort you can add an additional sort level by holding shift as you sort.

If there is still a Goal displaying that you do not need to see, you can remove single Goals by clicking on the three dots next to it's row and selecting 'Remove from table'. If you later decide that you do want this Goal in the table, go into the widget settings and click the x next to any excluded Goals you want to re-display in your table.

When to use a Table Widget?

The Table Widget is so flexible and useful that we believe you can, and should, use it for displaying pretty much anything you're interested in tracking! This ranges from a quick way to see what Goals you are behind on, the timelines of your team's Goals, or even keeping track of specific Goal Templates across your whole organization. The possibilities are endless!

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