You can see a list of all the Templates in your organization under Plan > Strategy Model and switching to Table View.

Here you are able configure all the you settings relating to your Goal, Update, Task and Risk Templates.


From the Admin Template page are lots of actions you can performance to configure
your templates: 

  • Create new Template: Create new Goal, Update Task and Risk Templates 
  • Enable / Disable: Any enabled Templates will be accessible to users who have permission to access them. If a Template is disabled users will not be able to create that new type of Goal, however any existing Goals made using that Template will remain in the system.
  • Clone: If you create a Template which you would like to create a different version of you can clone any existing Template.
  • Archive:  Templates that you now longer wish to use you can archive. This will mean users will not longer be able to create Goals using that Template and you will no longer be able to report on this goals. 


To add a field click the add button inside a Template. 

There are two types of field you can add to a template a new field or an existing field. Existing fields are ones that that have already been created (often on another template) and can sit across multiple templates. For example you might want to measure Priority across all your Goal Templates and report and filter by that field. 

Template Settings

In Template settings you can add a description for your Template to let them know when to use it.

You can also choose and icon and a color to for your Template which will display in the system.

Access control

Template access control is incredibly powerful - learn about it in full in this article.

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