Goal in Snapshots reports will be shown as greyed out when the goal matches selected report scope, however does not pass the filter requirements and has aligned goals that match both scope and filter. The greyed out goals are included in the report by default so that it shows the goal alignment relationship and tree structure. This allows you to look at the filtered report without losing the context of the overall plan.

For example below, we are generating a Strategy snapshots on Corporate plan and we are specifically looking for goals that are with a status of On Track. The goal 'Bring every factory process into the 21st century' is greyed out because it's in Corporate plan, is not on track but has a sub goal that is on track.

If goal alignment relationship and tree structure is not required in your report, you can choose to exclude greyed out goals by ticking the option 'Remove greyed out Goals' in 'Define Scope'. This way the sub goals will be shown as either indirect alignment or on the same level as other goals depending on the goal relationship and your secondary grouping options.

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