Focus areas are the high level things that you will 'focus' on as you strive to deliver your vision. You can think of focus areas as carefully selected 'categories' for the goals which you will be working on as an organization.

Helping you to write great focus areas

Adding your focus areas into Cascade is easy and intuitive - but actually creating great focus areas that make sense for your organization is a little harder. Take a look at the following resources to help you get started:

  • How to write focus areas [blog article]
  • Strategic planning online course (including vision statement) [course]

Another great resource is our Facebook group, where like-minded strategy enthusiasts share their attempts at creating focus areas and more to help each other succeed.

Adding your focus areas to Cascade

Once you're ready to add your focus areas into Cascade, simply navigate to the correct plan and click on 'Add - Add a Focus Area' - or click any existing focus area to edit it.

You can enter your completed focus area directly into the text area.

Add image and color

If you want to make your focus area stand out from the rest of your strategic plan, you can optionally change the default color of the tab that will appear on your your plan. You can also choose to attach an image onto each focus area.

To edit the color and image associated with a Focus Area simply click on the Focus Area and make the changes:

Bring it to life

If you want to make your focus area even more immersive you can add a combination of text, pictures and video that will appear when users click on the focus area from the planner page.

To add text or pictures, select 'Text' and then use the rich-text editor to add your content (including pictures).

To add video, select 'Video' and paste a link to wherever your video is hosted (currently support mp4 video, YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo).

Sort your Focus Areas

By default your focus areas will be sorted by their creation time. If there is a specific order you would like your focus areas to be in, you can sort your focus areas by drag and drop the focus area boxes.

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