The formula field can be added to your templates to allow you to perform mathematical and logic based functions on your data.

What attributes can be used in Formula Field?

Goal static fields (for example initial, target, start/end date) can be used in Formula field. You can pull any text, rich text, number and formula attributes in your current template or in any aligned templates. For example below, you are configuring a formula attribute in template 'Task', you can pull any attribute that is used in 'Task', 'Goal' or 'KPI'. Attributes can be numerical or string object. 

What operators are supported in Formula Fields?

Arithmetic operators and logical operators are supported in the formula field. You can choose to type in the operator or select from the 'Add Operator' drop down to build your formula.

How do Formula Field results display in Cascade?

Formula results can be displayed as an outcome or group names. An Outcome is simply the result of the formula expression.

You can also set a range of expression result as a group and display the name of the group in Cascade by clicking on 'Add Formula Grouping'. This is useful when calculating scores or status. You can also set text and background colour on your group names.

Use Case Examples

Risk Rating:

Goal Duration: 

Financial Status:

RAG Status: 

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