Cascade is a sophisticated strategy execution platform, which means there are tons of features to get your head around! To make things a little easier, this article is designed to give you a basic overview of those features to help you understand what you have access to within the system.

Let's start with a quick info-graphic of the core components of a strategy execution platform:

The core features of Cascade are split into three main modules:


Our Plan features give you a really quick and easy way to create a strategic plan. You’ll want to experiment with a few different frameworks in the tool to figure out which works best for your organization.

You’ll use the tool to put together the different layers of your strategic plan, starting with high level goals then getting down deeper to the ‘how’. A typical strategic plan will consist of focus areas, objectives, goals, KPIs and projects.

Strategic planning software doesn’t usually help you come up with the actual strategy (although we do have a few tools to help you do this) – that bit needs to come from you!


Our Manage module gives you access to tools which will help you to deliver and execute on the different components of your strategy. This includes project management tools, a goal management system, a task manager, plus much more. The difference with a strategy execution software platform is that these features are all housed in one system, and you have the ability to directly link them back to the outcomes in your strategic plan.

You have the option of using the management tools available in the platform, or connecting your existing favorite tools through integrations.


Our Track module is all about helping you monitor and interpret the results of your strategy. 

This includes the ability to build detailed dashboards, and create saved reports to deep-dive into different aspects of your strategy. There are also strategic visualization tools to help you gain insight from the connections throughout your organization.

In addition to the modules listed above, Cascade also gives you access to a suite of connect Apps, which extend the use of Cascade into performance management and other useful extras for execution of your strategy.

Here's a complete list of the features:

If you'd like more information about any of the features listed above, just search this knowledge base or drop our friendly team a line using our live-chat tool that you can access in the bottom-right corner of your browser.

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