The final tab on the Goal Designer allows you to assign the Goal to any user in the organization and add co-owners. This may be yourself, or any other user.
Co-owners allow you to share the ownership of a Goal. Co-owners have all the same functionality when editing the Goal and updating it's completion as the Captain of the Goal does. The main difference between a Goals owner and co-owners is the display of the owners name in the reporting. In Cascade reports, only the owners name will display next to the Goal. 

You'll see a list of names automatically populated to select from, and you'll notice it will automatically have your name selected as the Goal owner. 

The Goals 'Owner' is the primary owner of the goal. The co-owners are the other Users contributing to the Goals completion.
If you'd like another User in your organization to own this goal, simply select the new User and then un-select your name. This will transfer the Goal to them. If you don't see the user you'd like to assign the Goal to, simply search their name and select. 

Adding Co-owners 

To add co-owners to your Goal, once again, simply select their name from the list or use the search bar. When you select the User, you'll notice the title '(Co-owner)' displays next to them. If you'd like to switch the User who's currently the Goal's owner to a co-owner, and make another User the owner, you can do this by clicking the 'Make Owner' button. 

This will then switch this User to the owner, and the previous owner will become a co-owner.
You can add as many co-owners to a Goal as you wish, just keep selecting names. 

Accepting Co-owner Invites

If your Cascade Instance has the 'Auto Accept Co-owner Requests' option turned off, when you add a User to a Goal as a co-owner, they will receive an invite via an app notification and email which they will need to accept before they are added to the goal.
The User will receive a link in the email and notification which will take them to the Goal hub of the Goal they've been invited to co-own. On the left hand side of the page they will see a 'Collaboration Invite' button in green. 

If they click on this, they will have the option to accept or decline the invite. Once the User accepts the invite, the Goal will then display in their My Goals page. 

If your instance has the 'Auto Accept Co-owner Requests' option turned on, you won't have to worry about this. As soon as you add a co-owner to a Goal, they will automatically be added as a co-owner, and will only receive an email notifying them of the new Goal they co-own. The User will see this Goal straight away in their My Goals page. 

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