'Alignment' in Cascade is the way we connect Goals and display the relationship between each Goal. It is for this reason alignment is so important in Cascade, as it allows you to develop a plan that has every piece of work directly or indirectly contributing to the organization's vision. 

Every Goal should be aligned to another Goal. Aligning your Goals is not mandatory in Cascade, as we understand there may be situations where this doesn't apply. However, it is highly recommended that all Goals in Cascade are aligned to another Goal. 

Move your goal by drag and drop on planner

For users with Strategy privilege, you can move your goals across on the same plan by drag and drop the goal from Strategy > Plan. This also applies to Org Strategy privilege users on their own org unit plan.

On the planner page, make sure your goals are grouped by Focus Areas from 'Customize Display'. Changing goal alignment by drag and drop only works in this view. Hover your mouse over the goal you would like to move, grab the goal and drag it. If a highlighted box shows up, it means you can drop the goal here. If you wish to move a sub goal or change an org goal to a sub goal, you need to click to expand the new parent goal first. You can also multi align a goal by pressing 'Ctrl' when dragging and dropping the goal.

Move an org goal to another focus area:

Change the parent goal of a sub goal:

Move your goal using Goal Designer

Aligning of your Goal can also be accomplished in the 'Contribute' tab in the Goal Designer. In this tab you will be able to align your goal to your Manager's or any other Users Goals, realign Goals so they sit under different parent Goals, switch your Goal to an Organisational Goal, or switch your Organizational Goal to a Goal. 

To align your Goal to one of your managers Goals, simply select a goal from the list. Once you select a Goal, you will notice it displays highlighted. Simply press 'Apply' and your Goal will then be aligned to this Goal. 

If you later decide you would like your Goal to sit under a different parent Goal, you can re-align it also in the Contribute tab. Simply un-select the Goal that is currently highlighted (which might mean you have to scroll down the list to find). Then select a new Goal from the list or search for a specific Goal in the search bar.

You can also align your goal to a focus area or goal in another org unit plan, read more here.

Switching an Organisational Goal to a Goal 

If you create an Organizational Goal and later decide you'd actually like this to be just a Goal and not a top level Goal, you can make this switch in the Contribute tab. You'll notice on the right hand side a button that says 'Remove Focus Area Alignment'.

If you click on this button, it will remove the focus area(s) your Organisational Goal is currently aligned to, and instead display Organisational Goals and Goals for you to align to. 

Switching your Goal to an Organisational Goal 

If you would like to switch a Goal to an Organisational Goal, simply click the edit icon on the goal and the Goal designer will appear. You should first un-align your goal from any current alignment by clicking on the Goal to un-select it. To the right of the page an ' Add Focus area alignment' button will display, clicking on this will allow you to align your Goal to a Focus Area.

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