Users are the specific people who log into Cascade and get plugged into Roles. The fastest way to create users is by using the new Goal Designer workflow to create them on the fly. First, click "Add" anywhere on the Planner to open the Goal Designer:

Note: Only users with Organization Privilege can add users to Cascade. This is to protect the integrity of the billable user list and org chart.

Next, use the "+ Add New User to Cascade" button just below the "Owner" box and fill out the simple form that appears. This workflow is fairly new, and it allows you to add a new Role for the new User at the same time.

To grant access to Cascade right away, make sure both the "Enable user" and "Notify user by email" check boxes are checked. Only enabled users are billable and can log in, but you can create an unlimited number of non-login users this way for the sake of reporting.

Note: Cascade will alert you of specific prorated charges to be incurred if adding a billable user will put your user count beyond your base subscription.

What if I don't want to create a new goal?

No worries - as soon as you're done creating users, just click the "X" at the top of the Sidebar to close out of the Goal Designer and discard the goal. Your users are saved.

Don't forget about Privileges (Leadership and Admins)

For your average user who just needs to manage their own goals, there is nothing left to do for them. For leadership roles and Cascade Admins, however, you'll want to make sure to give them proper privileges under Admin > Organization > Privileges.

Quick tips on Privileges:

  1. Strategy: People who should be able to build, adjust, or add progress updates on anything to do with all strategic plan data in the system should be given Strategy privilege. This is essentially "full access" for all non-admin activities.
  2. Organization: Gives access to the Admin > Organization page. Give this privilege to your admins for user and organization structure management.
  3. System: Gives access to the Admin > System page. Give this privilege to your admins for settings and security management (such as on/off switches, SSO).
  4. Org Strategy: Similar to Strategy privilege, but "full access" only applies to the specific plan that a user's role is aligned to. Sometimes it makes sense to give this privilege to someone who should have full editing rights on a department or regional plan, but shouldn't be able to freely edit any other plans.

Our original article on privileges can be found here.

Where can I see all of my billable users?

You can find your entire current user list under Admin > Organization. To view only billable users on this page, set the "Enabled" drop-down menu to "Yes."

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the number of billable users vs. total users.

Traditional User Creation

Remember that all users must have an unappointed Role to assign to your new User. You will not be able to add a User via the traditional method without first creating their individual Role.

Creating Users

To create a user in Cascade go to Admin > Organization and you will automatically land on the Users tab.

Click the “Add User” button in the top right-hand corner – the User designer will then appear with 4 tabs to work through described below:

System Details 

You will need to create a unique ID for this User, or you can leave it blank and the system will generate a User ID for you. You'll then need to create a Username and password (optional) for them to log in. 

Note: if you don't create a password, the user will be able to create their own when they are notified of their Cascade account.

Tip: People often use an email as the Username for easy remembering!

Personal Details

 The Personal Details tab will require you to input the Users

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

Appointment Tab 

In the Appointment tab you'll see a drop down menu, where you will see all the unappointed Roles in the system. If you don't see any Roles in the drop down, this is because you need to create a Role, read here for creating Roles in Cascade. Note: for a User to be able to log into the system they must be sitting in a Role and be enabled. To invite them to access the system you must notify them by clicking the email icon on their line.

Review Tab 

Once on the review tab, simply click save, and your new User will be created. 

Note: new Users will be disabled by default. If you would like the User to have log in access to Cascade, make sure you tick the box 'Enabled' for the associated User.

You can also send the Users welcome emails by clicking on the mail icon next to the User's profile or 'Notify' button on the top right hand of the page. The welcome emails will contain a link for the User to log in to Cascade and reset their password.

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