Customers on our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus tiers can choose which of our geographical server locations they would like their instance of Cascade to be hosted on. The benefits of selecting the appropriate server location include:

  • Potential compliance with local data sovereignty regulations
  • Faster access to the system
  • Access via dedicated AWS links provided by your ISP

Standard Enterprise deployments are done using our shared hosting solution. However you may also opt for dedicated server hosting for an additional fee. 

Customers on our shared hosting platform can choose to locate their Cascade instance in any of the following AWS locations:

US East (N. Virginia)

Canada (Central)

EU (Frankfurt)

EU (London)

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Customers who have chosen a dedicated hosting addon can take advantage of the following additional locations:

US East (Ohio)

US West (N. California)

US West (Oregon)

EU (Ireland)

EU (London)

Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

South America (São Paulo)

If you would like to host your Cascade instance in a different location than specified above, please contact our support team using the Live Chat facility.

To move your server location, please contact us.

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