If you’ve purchased our Cascade Setup add on, this is what you can expect to receive. Even if you haven’t purchased that add on, following the process below will help ensure that you get the most from your implementation of Cascade.

Creation of your strategic plan in Cascade

If you already have a strategic plan, we’ll take that and create a copy of it in Cascade, ready for you to start working on. We can work with your strategic plan in any of the following formats:

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Visio
  • Offline
  • Other strategy software

If your strategic plan is in a different format, we can probably still complete this step, just check in with us first. You can also download our strategic plan template and populate this offline to send to us for upload. Specifically, we will setup the following for you:

  1. Vision Statement
  2. Organizational Values
  3. Goal Types / Scorecards
  4. Focus Areas
  5. Organizational Goals
  6. Goals*

*Our setup add on includes 1 layer of goals below your organizational goals – if your plan goes deeper than this, check in with us first. To get started, just send your existing documents through to your Customer Success manager. The standard terms and conditions of the service include a 2-way non disclosure component (i.e. a confidentiality agreement) but if you’d like to put an extra one in place using your own internal legal format, just ask your Customer Success manager and they’ll be happy to help.

Selection of your Features

Cascade is packed with features to help organizations be more successful. We’ll help you understand each in detail and decide what you want to implement and when. Specifically, we’ll help you choose whether to implement the following additional features on top of the base functionality of strategic planning, goal management and reporting:

We’ll also help you devise a time-frame for launching each feature into your organization – sometimes it makes more sense to phase these things in. Typically, if you’re going for a phased approached, we’re going to suggest that you do something like this:

Strategic Plan >> Goal Management >> Role Descriptions >> Performance Management (Appraisals) >> Competency Assessments >> Potential Assessments >> Career & Development Planning >> Salary and Reward Management

Setup of your roles, users & permissions

We’ll help you get all of your people loaded into Cascade and ready to go with the right levels of permissions. We’ll work with you to populate our bulk user upload spreadsheet and then process the upload on your behalf. Specifically we will create the following for you:

  1. The roles in your organization
  2. The users to fill those roles (names, email addresses, etc)
  3. Your organizational structure (reporting lines and organizational units)
  4. Permissions (who has access to what)

You can read more about all of the above aspects in our dedicated knowledge base article: Roles and User.

Creation of your Role Descriptions

We’ll work with you to create a compliant template for your role descriptions. If you already have a template that you’re happy with, we’ll upload that into Cascade for you. The Role Description template that we’ll setup will include things like:

  • Standard aspects such as role title, reporting line, team structure, job location etc.
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Educational requirements
  • Skills and competencies*

*Cascade comes preloaded with a standard skills and competencies database that you can use with your people – but you can also modify this to suit your particular needs. We’ll help you get this setup as part of the service.

Establishing your strategy governance

A key component to successful strategy execution is regular meetings and processes to review progress. We’ll help you to configure Cascade to support that process. Specifically, we’ll setup:

  • Automated system reminders to be sent your people prior to to each strategy meeting
  • Within those reminders, we’ll include information about exactly what people need to update prior to those meetings
  • Configuration of the Strategy Snapshot report that you’ll use in that meeting
  • Any other dashboards that you’ll use in the meeting
  • The process for risk and issue escalation

Shared Dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to keep track of your progress as an organization. We’ll help you to configure a couple of dashboards to get you started – the exact dashboards that we build for you will depend on the content of your strategic plan. Typical examples include:

  • A key projects dashboard
  • A KPI dashboard
  • A sales and revenue dashboard

We’ll also help you share those dashboards with the people that need to see them.


Cascade really comes to life when you integrate it with your other business systems. We currently offer 2-way integration with over 500 other platforms with zero coding required. We’ll help you get your first few integrations up and running – specifically the ones that power your dashboards (see above). To get a feel for what systems we can integrate with, check out this page over at our trusted partner Zapier (who we use to power a lot of our integrations). Here are just a few examples (the sky’s the limit) of what we can setup for you:

  • Update your revenue goal in Cascade with a live stream from Xero
  • Track your website performance goal in Cascade with visitor stats from Google Analytics
  • Automatically update your Cascade task lists with tasks from your Trello board
  • Create an Outlook calendar reminder for the end date of each of your Cascade goals

Even if you can’t find your application over at Zapier, we may have a integration of our own that we can deploy to get things linked up – just ask your Customer Success manager.

For more complicated integrations, or where we need to write custom code to integrate with your particular system (we can integrate with most systems that offer an API) – you’ll need to buy an Advanced Integration add on.

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